Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hello everyone!

There are more than seventeen of us here, so let's hear from you.

We are doing a block on Saints this month with Saint Nicholas, Santa Lucia and Saint Francis. It seems to flow with the holidays. Also doing lots of math review and rhythmic games, lots of fun and movemnt.

Let's hear from you. This space is about process, not perfection and to provide connection and support to each other.

Anyone with ideas for Kelly for painting?

Bright blessings!



  1. Hi im Karen (a follower) Ive been converting my home day care over the past few months to all natural toys and crafts and enjoy getting lots of ideas from waldorf families. I dont have much to add to your blog as im still a newbie to it all but look forward to reading what other have to say!

  2. I have done some celebrating of St.Nicholas here
    There is a link to a fab site on there to help on all aspects St.Nicholas.
    I am looking forward to hearing about anything Santa Lucia and St.Francis related as we have not celebrated these before.

  3. Welcome Karen, what a sweet photo of the little sleeprs on your Day Care blog, it is adorable! Blessings on you are your work.
    Welcome Mum to two little seeds, what a sweet Saint Nicklaus! And the song, any chance you might song it for us?
    Everybody come on in and share what you are up to these days.
    Warm wishes,