Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'll go first.....

We are doing Second Grade. 

I am still finding my way into our rhythm as we just began homeschooling in October. This is so exciting to be learning the second grade curriculm and taking up the pentatonic flute, drawing with crayons and drawing with charcol. It is pushing me to learn and be active in my own work in a way I had let drop. It is also a bit daunting to think I am the one who is bringing  this to my child. And I trust that it is all perfect in its imperfection!

Each day I rise very early and feed the animals, water the plants, start the laundry, and organize what will be dinner. (I plan the weekly menus on the weekend. ) This solitude is essential to my clarity and well being for the day. When I became a mother, I was tired at night that I went to sleep earlier than ever before in my life and discovered the beauty of morning solitude.

Monday morning, we go to the farm down the road and do farm chores: feed the hens, gather their eggs, slop the pigs, admire the piglets, feed the horse, help milk the goats and cows. We do whatever needs doing by checking in with the farmer. Often we spend a good deal of time playing on the hay bales in the barn. We do this with the Morning Garden which is my nursery program. At nap time, back at the house, we do Main Lesson of form drawing with a story, math and writing review. 

Tuesday, we start the day with math or writing and then make soup with the Morning Garden. At nap time which usually lasts for two hours or more,  we do Main Lesson. 

On Monday and Tuesday, we do Circle together for both ages. This gives us a chance to sing seasonal songs, we've been singing Saint Martin Songs and Lantern songs, say verses with movement and do finger and toe play as a group. We do crafts like lantern making together.

On these days, I save the more rhythm clapping and stamping and bean bag work for nap time and often do it outdoors with my son.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we start the day with  math or writing I have set out and them school for two hours with Circle and Main Lesson. Afternoons are for story, beeswax modelling, knitting, french, painting and baking, followed by outdoor play in the afternoon.

We have an outdoor movement course that we do before begining Main Lesson that has been really good that ends with jumping rope, a stomping verse, then a calm verse while holding hands. Then we go in to school. My son needs lots of movement in his day and when he gets it, he can focus and work with eagerness.

My older child is now in high school.

Some days feel really balanced and good, others need tweaking.

I have put together curriculm material from a varity of sources:

General inspiration for all:

Marsha Johnson at the yahoo group, Waldorfhomeducators is a great inspiration. 

Live Ed too. I have used the Live Ed first grade curriculum which inspires me in second grade as well. 

In addition to Marsha Johnson's amazingly rich files at Yahoo Group Waldorf Homeducators,  I use Donna Simmon's Christoperus Second Grade Mathematics book. Dorothy Harrer's, Math Lessons for Elementary Grades and Henning Andersen's Active Arithemetic! inspire me in putting together math.

Right now I am working on a Native American Math block through Thanksgiving. Lots of clapping and stamping songs. cooking, baking, measuring, dividing, fire building and teepee making.

 I was hoping to find some good examples of second grade circle as they don't seem to be out there where I can find them. So I am making my own.

Enough for this post, I'll return with more on Fables, Saints and Legends as well as other aspects of the curriculum that I am pursuing and response to the rest of the questions I posed in the first post on the blog.

I'd love to hear from you. Come join the blog and be an author too or link to your blog. If you wish to participate in this blog, as an author, let me know in the comment section below and I will add you as an author.




  1. Lisa, good luck with your wonderful blog! We also love Earthschooling curriculum. Your daily rhythm sounds beautiful. The Waldorf Connection is another great place in which to connect. :) --Jennifer

  2. I'd love to join in :) We are a home schooling family, the only Steiner/Waldorf ones around as far as we know. We're hoping to make a move to a city with a big home school network, including Steiner/Waldorf groups.

    My blog is

  3. Hooray! and welcome Kestrel. I think I need your e-mail address to add you as an author. Can you send it to me at lisaboisvert (at) ?

  4. Great idea! I would love to join in. We are in England and we have always home educated waldorf inspired. Also doing 2nd grade this year and kindy. We also have a 3 year old and a six month old merrily joining the mix too. Thank you for starting this!

  5. Hooray!!!!! and welcome Kelly! I'm in New England.I think I need your e-mail address to add you as an author of this blog. You can send it to me at lisaboisvert (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will enter you as an author.

  6. Oh this is lovely. We're beginning and I started late 11,10,3...but were 10,9, and 2! I am STRUGGLING to find my rhythmn. I really wish to see times/schedule of daily and weekly rhythmns. I'm excited to see how everyone sets it all up.


  7. Welcome Honey!
    Okay everybody send me your e-mail address and become authors of this blog so it becomes a community blog and blog here or on your blog and post links here. Let's start with introducing ourselves witht he questions above which include rhythm.

  8. This is wonderful this will really help me to better understand rhythmns, as I am slowly easing into the waldorf ways!!! I'm very new to this so I love this new blog and all you great mama's... for taking the time and letting us into your magical days!